No More Football!? Now What?!

I had 2 guy roommates.

From September until January, Sundays were for Football.

It started with a cup of coffee and reading the sports section in the paper.

Then the pregame shows on TV.

There would be a 1 o clock game, 4 and then the late game at 8 or 8:30. All day, all night Football!

When the season was over we all felt a sense of withdrawal.. and since our team hasn't made the playoffs in so many years, we felt some anger and disappointment too.

What do you do now that the football season is over? If you're a big football fan and watch games or go to games or even just follow along for the fantasy football leagues, then you have some time freed up.


Where does it go?

To the wife and her plans?

On the couch to watch some lame TV shows?

Back in those days I picked up work at a second job.

Eventually I realized it was a good opportunity to take my fitness to another level.

I liked going for some sprints on Sunday mornings.

Or I would drag the sled at the park.

These two options are perfect because you are done quick. You don't even need much of a warmup.

You don't even need a gym membership or a gym bag!

If you are wasting hours on Sunday's now that football is over, get outside and do some hard conditioning work.

Make it quick. 15 minutes is just about right.

You will feel much better about your weekend when you wake up on Monday morning and roll over and hit the snooze...

Please don't hit the snooze!

That's a topic for another day...  go sprint or drag that sled!