I Can't Give Up My Beer!!

I couldn't wait for Friday nights.

Meet up with some good friends, head out to some bars. Drink some beers, meet some chicks.

Life was simple and good.

I never went out for happy hour though. After work it was nap/dinner and hit the gym. THEN go out with the fellas.

So when clients tell me "I CAN'T GIVE UP MY BEER!"  I nod my head. I get it.

But here's the deal.

It won't be forever.

And you can still have your beer and get lean and fit.

Just need to be mindful of how much you drink every week.

I don't tell any client to give up something you love. Whether that's pizza, burgers, beer or ice cream. Just find that amount you can live with that will allow you to make progress.

It's different for everyone. The guy who needs to lose 100 lbs. will be on a different plan than the guy who is trying to lose the final 10 lbs. to get leaner.

You don't have to give up your beer!  But I will tell you if you need to cut back or take a break for a period of time depending on how aggressive your fat loss/muscle gain goals are.