What Is Sled Dragging and Why Should I Care?

sled dragging

The Sled.

The best purchase I've ever made.

No question about it.

What is "THE SLED" and why should you care?

Back when I was working 3 jobs and had limited time to get to the gym, I bought a sled from Rogue Fitness. (I get no commission here)

No lie- it changed my life!

Sled dragging is very simple.

But FAR from easy.

I'm sure people give me funny looks when I pull the sled out of my trunk and load it up with weights at a local park.

But who cares?! It works better than any cardio machine ever will.

OK, so you've seen what the sled looks like. And I've told you how awesome it is.

What is sled dragging and why should you care?

Some sleds have handles.(like the one pictured above)

You grab on and push the sled forward or pull backward.

If you have a sled without handles, (like I have) you use a strap/cable/rope.

Simple. Brutal. Effective.

Methods of Sled Dragging

One of the great benefits of the sled is it's so diverse.

You can work the lower body with forward or reverse dragging.

The upper body with rows, presses,.

And any other exercise you can do with free weights you can do with the sled.

Walk sideways with the sled and target the hips, midsection.

Go fast with light weight.

Load the sled up heavy and drag slow.

Drag for time or distance.

Can you tell I like the sled?

It really is the best piece of equipment besides a barbell.

Many Benefits of Sled Dragging



-Active Recovery- reduce soreness, train harder for longer

-Flexibility/Mobility- make those achy joints feel better

-Rehab- knee, low-back, shoulder-friendly movements

-Looks badass- this might just be number 1 !  haha

-Burn fat, build muscle


So with that said, now you're ready to drag a sled aren't you?!

If you are, where do you begin?

Maybe your gym has a sled and turf area. Use it!

Or if you don't belong to a gym (hate the crowds or awful music?) you can buy one for $100 bucks or so.

OR if you're ambitious you can make one yourself. Just get a big tire and piece of rope. Go on google and search out how to build a sled with a tire.

Get started today.

You will not regret it.

The sled will kick your ass. But it will also give you many rewards.

And if you want more ideas on how to use sled dragging in your fitness program, contact me.

I live for making programs that include the sled!

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