What Should I Eat To Lose Fat?

Have you ever asked this question : What Should I Eat to Lose Fat?

Of course you have. Who hasn't?! Well, maybe those skinny dudes (or chicks) but they wouldn't be reading this post I'm sure.

So what should you eat?

Before I attempt to answer this question let me state this first- There are no perfect diets for everyone.

What may be an optimal diet for me today may not be ideal for you.

With that said, let's dive into this topic of what you should eat to lose fat.

I prefer to look at the diet in terms of what to ADD to it not what to take away.

In my experience it's more beneficial to focus on adding nutritious foods rather than what you are depriving yourself of.

Like I said before, there's no perfect diet for everyone but there are plenty of nutritious foods out there that you are not eating right now I'm sure. Add one or two each week.

Make it a point to find a new fruit or vegetable to buy at the grocery store each week. Look up a recipe. Cook them up a few times a week.

Now you've made progress. You've added some nutritious food to your body and this will help you lose fat, feel better, look better and also reduce some of the less nutritious foods in your diet. See how I don't call them "bad foods" because who needs to feel more guilty than they already do about their diet?

Exactly, no one.

That's my tip for the day. Add more nutritious foods and this will naturally reduce the less-nutritious foods which will help with your belly fat/waistline.

So do you feel better about what you should eat to lose fat? Or do you want an exact outline/grocery list?

There's no shame in that. If you do want more help than this post provides, contact me for a consultation. We can go over your current eating habits and make immediate improvements.

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