Should it be easier?


Got up this morning, looked outside and saw a dark, cold, rainy morning..

The last thing I wanted to do was get out there and get my workout in.

So I sat down and tried to “find” some motivation.

None came.

After a few moments, I got up and put my sneakers on.

The thoughts in my mind during those few moments were probably similar to thoughts you have when you don’t want to do something.

We come up with all kinds of reasons not to do it.. there’s a hundred other things we would rather do.. even chores we don’t normally enjoy!

That’s how the mind works.

It never goes away.

Some people ask me, when will the workouts get easier?

If you’re doing it right, never.

It’s a constant process of stepping up to the plate, so to speak.

Every day we have choices to make.

We can get away with being soft here and there maybe, but eventually that kind of mindset will take over.

Bad habits creep in. They seem so harmless.. then one day you realize that five pounds you gained has turned in to twenty.

It might not be “fair” but that’s the reality of life.

We have to be diligent in our discipline.

Sorry, but there’s no quick fix, magic solution that I can bottle up in a pill and sell you,

Health and fitness marketing would have you believe otherwise, but we know the truth.

If you are going to make serious progress, it takes intensity of effort, consistency and persistence.

Having the ability to get right back on track after a “slip-up” is a key component of long-term success.

No one talks about that but you are human and you will make mistakes and fall on your rear. The key is that you get back on the path ASAP.

No shame, no regret. Just action right here and right now. What can I do right now to move me further towards my goals?

DO that.

Training your body, mind and spirit NEVER gets easier.

You just get STRONGER.

As you know, strength only comes from fighting against resistance.

Get after that resistance today.

I battled through my inner demons this morning and got a good workout in at the playground.

Chinups, squats and jumping jacks do the body just fine.


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