Minimalist Training


When is the last time you used the jump rope?

It had been awhile for me, but I got inspired recently by Ross Enamait and knew it was time to do some rope jumping.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to use a jump rope or any other piece of equipment. The point is that you can get a lot done by using minimal or no equipment at all.

But Jim, you always talk about strength training with free weights… yes, yes I do. They are great, as I’ve said many times before.

The point is not to require the perfect piece of equipment or location or situation to get in a quality workout.

Sure, having a program that is laid out with your exact sets, reps and exercises accounted for is a great way to make progress. It’s not the only way though.

I love the challenge of working with whatever I have available.

Sometimes that means bodyweight workouts. Other times I drag the sled or use barbells..

Never let a lack of equipment or time or lack of a gym membership ever stop you from training your body.

You can listen to all the experts all day long and still end up not improving if you never get off your rear-end and do some work.

There’s a million ways to train, some more effective than others, obviously.

I’m not a fan of just doing a bunch of random stuff to get hot, sweaty and out of breath. The problem is when people use a lack of equipment or a gym as an excuse to do nothing.

That will NOT fly here.

Bottom line, you can use a jump rope, calisthenics, barbells, kettlebells, sleds, playgrounds.. whatever you want. Just get it done.

Do more. Improve. Take notes. Change it up. Improve some more.


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