Have you seen those t-shirts with the hardcore slogans on them, like “GO HARD OR GO HOME”? Or “LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!” etc…

You might think that I would love that kind of attitude but I don’t. I never liked those kinds of slogans on t-shirts or bumper stickers. Those are even worse!

If you would have asked my folks years ago what I thought about words on t-shirts they would have said “he won’t wear anything that has a logo on it and cuts off the tag so he isn’t supporting any big corporation.

Haha, yeah I was a nutty teenager..

Anyway, what’s the point Mr. Strength Essentials?

Here’s the point- it’s Monday. You didn’t work out this weekend. You probably went to bed later and slept in. You aren’t feeling like a man on a mission ready to take on the world.

In fact, you might be feeling the exact OPPOSITE. Sluggish would be a good word here..

So instead of the idea of GO HARD OR GO HOME.. rah rah rah be hardcore etc.. let’s try a different approach.

We are going to think about just taking ONE STEP.

Doing ONE thing, that will move us forward.

That ONE STEP can be anything. A first step to the gym. Grabbing the pen and paper to write. Going to the grocery store to get just ONE nutritious food..etc..

Instead of the HUGE task of being on your “A” game on a sluggish Monday, try a simple approach of the first step.

That first step is essential.

Often overlooked, but CRUCIAL to getting ANYWHERE in life.

When you get to the gym and take your first step, that can be a warmup set with the barbell.

Or a minute of jump-rope.

The specifics aren’t important here so much as moving in the right direction. Take IMPERFECT ACTION.

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