I'm going to start on New Years...

This guy I was friends with, was always trying to quit smoking.

He would say "I'm going to quit on New Years." 

Or after the 4th of July.

For real this time.. after thanksgiving..

He was always "going to.."

In the future.

Never today.

I'm not trying to downplay how hard it is to quit smoking.

I quit when I was 25. It's not easy.

Before I finally COMMITTED to GIVING UP that habit, I fought the same battle.

No matter what habits we are trying to change, we have to commit to CHANGE.

There's no easy way around it.

No magic potion.

If you want to transform your body AND your LIFE, you have to commit.

Not halfway.


Sure, you can half-ass it and get SOME results.

Yes, showing up is half the battle.

But to make significant change in your life, you MUST commit to the daily actions that will put you on the path to reach the change you seek.

We all know this, right. Why keep beating the dead horse?

Here's what I've learned about putting things off....

The time will NEVER be RIGHT.

There will never be a perfect day to start.

The stars will not align.

If you are waiting for a sign from the heavens to drop on your head, you may wait your ENTIRE LIFE!

The only way you get into motion is by deciding in your mind, right HERE and NOW, that damnit I AM TAKING ACTION NOW!

From that simple (not easy) choice AND movement, you create momentum.

Momentum is one of those weird intangible things we THINK exists but we may have our doubts...

From my experience, making a decision and TAKING persistent ACTION does create momentum.

So if you are on the fence about making a big change in your life, remember you will never feel like it.

Motivation is not coming.

The sign from above isn't coming either.

You must DECIDE.




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