Why you need to choose a workout program and stick to it


Wisdom from a toll booth?

I worked in a toll booth for 15 years.

When you work a job for that long you create a bunch of memories.

Many of them you try to forget, am I right?

But there's one memory I can see like it happened yesterday.

It was the middle of summer.

Heat was rising off the pavement.

There was a long line of cars and people were anxious to get the heck out of there and continue on their trips.

This guy pulls up and I see a map in his lap, along with his wife directions printed off the internet AND I hear the car's navigation system giving instructions..

I look at the guy and laugh a little bit.

He's frantic. The entire car is freaked out because they are "lost"

They don't speak much English so it's hard for me to find out where they wanna go

Eventually I decipher their destination is Niagara Falls..

After I give them directions, the lady in the passenger seat keeps lifting up her papers to show me that my directions were different.

This went on for a few minutes until finally I said just go the way I said and you will get there.

The line of cars behind were honking their horns.

People were getting heated

On they went, with four different sets of directions

And I remember thinking to myself, as the next guy pulled up angry and throwing money at me, why would you ask for directions when you already not only 1 but 2 sets of them?

You have way too many options and can't decide which is best.

Kinda like a workout program.

You need to pick just ONE

If you're always trying to mix this and that you will never know what is really working or not.

Do your research and just pick one

There's no such thing as a "perfect plan" but as the saying goes "an imperfect plan done consistently is much more effective than a perfect plan done inconsistently"

be great

Jim "I give good directions" White

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