Who do you root for?


Do you remember the scene from Rocky IV when he is training in the snow?

His opponent, Drago is training with all these high-tech methods and using steroids while Rocky is going old-school.

Rocky runs through the snow, climbs a mountain, pulls a heavy dog sled, chops down trees..

It's one of the greatest scenes in the movie, in my humble opinion.

Rocky is the ultimate underdog. He's easy to root for.

Not many of us can relate to Drago- the guy with all the bells and whistles who is a genetic freak.

But if you're like me, you love the way Rocky trains

It's primitive.

Nothing fancy.

He doesn't even go into a gym but he gets in phenomenal shape

That's one of the reasons I decided to cancel my gym membership and take my training outside for the entire winter.

Am I nuts?


But I'll yell ya, I'm 6 weeks in and starting to really feel the benefits of this kind of training.

-It's a challenge mentally AND physically

-Some of my old aches and pains have gone away

-I'm having fun getting creative without a normal weight training program

AND I kinda feel like Rocky as I get out there and sweat in the cold weather.

I can almost hear the theme song playing in my ears as I do sets of pushups and pullups on the playground..

Do I sound nuts? haha


But hey, it's working for me so I'll take that as a complement.

If your training program has gone stale, try just 1 workout a week outside.

At first it will suck,

but you may find you really like it

Jim "underdog" White

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