I WISH I had your Motivation

Sprints at the soccer field.

Pullups on the top of the goal.

That was a workout I used to do when I was strapped for time and had no equipment to train at home.

I'd walk over the the park and start with some light sprints, before moving to all-out bursts.

On those days where you only have 10-20 minutes, (you can PROBABLY find time) there are ways to get the work in.

THE MOST important element of keeping yourself physically strong and mentally alert,is to FIND A WAY rather than make an excuse.

No gym membership? Good, find a park with a playground.

No time? Good, high-intensity intervals and bodyweight exercises.

Don't know how to structure a workout without a gym? Good, it's time to learn.

Not sure how to schedule your weekly programming? Good, buy a notebook and start taking notes.

You could find a program online or hire a coach if you want to speed up the process and get results faster.

Either way you to to first COMMIT-



No matter what happens in your life, you need to do take these simple steps.

When someone tells me "I WISH I had your motivation" I laugh.

It's not my motivation you need.

I commit. I schedule it. I take the action.

Motivation has nothing to do with it.

What's my motivation?

Sure, I have my WHY behind why I train-

I want to be strong, I want to look strong, I like the way strength feels, I crave the hard work, I love setting PR's.. I need to stay strong for the people in my life; my family, friends and clients..

BUT all that is nothing, without the commitment and the habit of training.

Take this morning for example:

It's Sunday, the only day I'm not in the gym.

I wake up a little later than normal.

I've earned a day off, right?

My mind tells me... you worked hard this week.. you are stiff..sore..take it easy.. rest up..it's ok..

But I cut that line of thinking before it gets out of hand.

No gym? No problem. I'll do a bodyweight circuit in the living room.

Pushups, squats, birds, reverse crunches. How many sets/reps/rounds?

Pick a number.


SO simple yet SO POWERFUL.

Just that quick workout made me feel ALIVE, ENERGIZED, STRONGER MENTALLY.

When you push beyond those thoughts of comfort and complacency, you get a reward.

That feeling of GREAT SATISFACTION that you chose strength over weakness.

The more you build that mental strength, the more it becomes a habit.

It's still not EASY.

It will never be easy just because I've been doing it for years.

There were times I failed.

Plenty of mornings when I said I don't feel like it.

I let the weakness creep in.

Later in the day I felt off... like I wasn't whole.. something was missing..

Remember the past is not important when it comes to building your "motivation"...

Today is all you have.

Did I overcome resistance TODAY?

As the day goes on I can look back to the morning workout I did when I wanted to just stay in bed or relax..

There is a time and a place for rest and relaxation. NO question.

But we aren't talking about that right now.

We are talking about this idea of motivation.

How do people stay so motivated?

You commit.

Write it on the calendar.

Step up and take action.

EVEN if you don't want to.

ESPECIALLY when you don't want to, because that's where the REAL growth lies.

Now that I did my workout, I can enjoy the day.

There's a deep sense of pride knowing you are one of the few who chooses to walk a different path.

Maybe there's not even a path..

You blaze your own trail.

Each and every day.

In your own unique way.

Power through those moments of doubt, weakness, comfort and complacency.

Step up.

Be the man you know you can be.

Live the life you know deep inside that you are here to live.

It starts with making the commitment to being stronger in body AND mind.

I'm with you on the journey.

Let's go!

If you need help with this, reach out. I have a program for you to find your MOTIVATION and COMMIT to STEPPING UP and TaKING ACTION-