Early to RISE- Why getting up early and Training Will Change Your Life

There's something uniquely powerful about getting up early and getting things done.

That feeling of being ahead of the game.

You've already accomplished a significant task before most people are done hitting the snooze button.

It's funny now that I truly realize the amazing potential of the early mornings. My dad would probably say "I told you this YEARS ago but you wouldn't listen!"

He's right. I was a stubborn SOB. I had to learn things my own way. Often the HARD way!!

What's so special about this whole EARLY TO RISE idea?

How about a few examples...

Back when I was into running, I wanted to enter a few local 5k's.

My schedule was already booked from working two jobs and spending time with my daughter a few nights a week..

ALL I had was the mornings...

Believe me when I tell you, I tried to think of any other way.. I DID NOT want to get up early to run.

But I did it.

My mind was set on getting better at running, and the morning was the only time to do it.

Another example:

A goal of mine was to write and submit short stories to national magazines.

Again, I had no time in the day so I could either stay up late and write or get up thirty minutes earlier and get to work.

The nighttime writing didn't work so I moaned and groaned about it until I finally said to myself, that's it, I'm getting up before my alarm and writing every day.

I thought of Hemingway and all the other writers I admired. So many of them talked about getting up early to write, no matter what.

Here I am today... up with the sunrise to do my writing and then training at the gym.

Sleeping in would have been much better.

I could use a day off.. I worked hard this week.. I deserve it.. rest is important..

We can always find a reason/excuse... our body will tell us we are tired.. our mind starts to agree..

At that moment... that CRUCIAL moment... we have to step in and say NOPE. It's time to get up and GO!

Do whatever it takes to get going and out the door.

Start with the sled.

Pull walking backwards.

Turn around and pull walking forwards.

Add another plate.


Add another plate.

Catch your breath.


Set a timer.

10-15 minutes..

Keep going...

Only rest as much as you need to get your breath.

GO again.

This SIMPLE training is for your physical body, but more importantly, for your mental strength.

You have to work the mental side, all the time.

Every day you choose to punch weakness in the face, you grow stronger..

Training is what you make it.

It can be you just going through the motions..

Some folks just want tight abs and bigger biceps..

But not us...

We train for STRENGTH FOR LIFE..

To overcome the obstacles we face.

For strength so we can LIFT OTHERS UP..

Getting up early on days you don't "have to" is crucial.

Those are the days it really counts.

Saturday mornings I could just sleep in an extra hour.. no one would notice or care..

But I WOULD NOTICE... my mind would weaken..

Getting up early to push and pull the sled changed my life... but it doesn't stop there.

Every day is a new challenge.

You have to do it again.. and again.. over and over forever and ever or you will go backwards..

That's just the truth.

If you haven't experience this yet, what are you waiting for?

You don't need a sled either.. you can do it with just your body.

Find a hill..

Or stairs.

Or grass.

Push yourself to get up early and train your body AND your mind.

If you need some ideas for your training check out my FREE EBOOK- FARM-BOY STRONG