21 Day Fat Loss Challenge - Can it Really Work?

A few years back my girlfriend challenged me to a "detox diet".

Loser had to buy dinner.

It was supposed to be for a month, but I won it in 21 days.

I'm not trying to brag really, there's a point to this little story. 

The point-

Quick, intense challenges can be very effective.

There are so many variations of the 21 day fat loss challenge. I'm sure they all work great.

Most people lose 10-15 pounds. Some of which is water weight but it's a great JUMP-start to more fat loss.

Why Do Fat Loss Challenges Work?

-Plenty of workouts in 3 weeks

-Careful attention to diet

-Low- carb diet leads to quick weight-loss

-Short time-frame makes it doable

-Motivation is high when there's competition

-Seeing quick results (weight loss and waist size decrease) is catalyst for change

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

Normally I'm all about slow, steady progress.

Sustained results over time.

But there's a time and a place for super fast awesome results. When you want to drop fat quickly you need to take serious action.

The good thing with a 21 day fat loss challenge is it's over before you get burned out. No one can sustain this kind of training and diet for much longer.

So you get your first 10-15 (sometimes more) pounds of weight loss, and then you ease off the gas.

This is often the perfect catalyst for a client who needs to see some quick progress.

Even for someone who has been working out for awhile and has hit a plateau. These kinds of quick challenges can provide the spark needed to bust out of the rut.

If you are interested in joining my new 21 day fat loss challenge take action today to lose your first 10+ lbs.