How Many Steps Should I Take Per Day?

You know walking is good for you. No need for me to explain all the reasons or cite any research.

But with all the new fitness tracking devices out there, people want to know how many steps per day should I walk?

10,000 steps is a number that gets thrown around a lot. And it seems to be a decent number for most people. 

Walk Outside Every Day

More important than the actual number is just doing it. Actually going for a walk every day.

When I first started as a personal trainer I had a client at 6 a.m. After that I had an hour break before my next client, so I started a daily habit of walking at the bike path nearby. 

I had a lot on my mind. Starting a business, my living situation, family struggles, financial challenges etc..

This daily walk was great for my mind.

In my opinion, walking outside near water, or in the woods is WAY underrated.

Clear Your Mind

Its a great way to clear your mind and relieve stress.

Yes, plenty of health benefits. We all know this.

But what will it take for you to start this daily habit?

I find that people think it's just not going to do much for them. Like it's no big deal.

Similar to drinking water, getting enough sleep, brushing teeth/flossing, meditation, stretching..

Those little things that seem to be insignificant or at least won't have as much of an impact as hardcore exercise, strict dietary plans, expensive supplements..

Anytime is Better than Not At All

There's no PERFECT time to walk. Go whenever you can.

I really like the quiet in the early morning. But when I couldn't do that I would go on my lunch break.

At night with the dog is another good option in summer.

Really, just find a way to do it. Pick a time and go. Even just 20 minutes can do wonders for your mind and relieve stress.

I've also found some of my best ideas and inspirations come from walks.

Leave your phone at home or turn it off. This is time to get away from social media/email/games and apps.

If you have the fitbit that's fine. Just check it AFTER the walk.

Not the most exciting advice. But one that I stand by.

Try to do it outside. Nothing compares to a walk in nature. Do I sound like a hippie? That's fine. I just know how much of a positive impact it can have on your life if you do it consistently.

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