30 Day Cold Shower Challenge/Intuitive Training

Strength Essentials 716 Barbell Training   

Strength Essentials 716 Barbell Training


30 Day Cold Shower Challenge

Today marks one month since I started the COLD-SHOWER CHALLENGE.

What have I learned?

-It's good to embrace challenges

-Being uncomfortable is good for your mind

-Doing something you don't want to do every day will give you energy, confidence, discipline

-The first few seconds always suck.

-Don't stick your toe in the water, GO ALL IN!

-Embracing the suck will toughen your mind.

What next?

I'm going to keep taking the five minute cold shower each day. I like the jolt it gives me and the reminder to get out of my comfort zone.

Intuitive Training

Over the past month I have been training without a program.

Crazy, I know!

I've done many different routines over the years, all of them I made progress with.

Right now,  I need to be free to train how I see fit, week to week.

I have a general idea of what I want to do for the week. When it's time to train I may stick to my "plan" or adjust at the last minute.

It works for some folks. Others need more structure and a clear program.

Where I'm at in my training and life in general, I'm enjoying the spontaneous nature of my workouts.

For example: I know I want to train Trap-bar Deadlifts, Press, Rows, Romanian Deadlifts this week.

These lifts can be done one each day or combined with others.

It doesn't matter which day I perform each exercise either.

Generally, I have a good idea how many sets/reps I want to complete and the rest may be adjusted during the workout.

Cardio has been more structured as I am starting from scratch with running after many years away from it.

Having a good slow adaptation period is critical to avoid overuse injuries when you haven't run in awhile. 

(especially when you are over 35 years old)


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