Strength Essentials 4 Day Upper/Lower Training Log

This week's training went well.

Overall, there is progress.

That's good.

And even when there isn't, that's also GOOD, as Jocko Willink says. (if you don't know him, check him out. He has a great book called "Discipline equals freedom".

Strength Essentials Training Log

Monday- Press- 180x1, 165x3,3, 155x5/ Close-grip Bench 210x4,4,4

Tuesday- Squat 300x1, 260x3,255x4, Box Squat 185x5,5/ Sumo Deadlift 235x3,3,3

Weds.- Bodyweight circuits

Thursday- Bench 240x1, 225x5, 215x5, 5/ Press 135x7,7

Friday- Box Squat 190x3,3,3,3/ Sumo Deadlift 285x1, 265 3x3

Sat- bike

Presses are moving up with some decent volume. Bench is feeling stronger than it ever has, which is encouraging especially since I'm not gaining much weight and that's usually what it takes to get my bench going.

Most likely once I get to around 265-275 then I'll really need to pack on some muscle mass.

Squat technique work continues. The single at 300 wasn't too hard but it didn't feel smooth either.

Took a wider stance, more sit-back to get the load mostly into the hips and out of the knees.

Which leads me to my next point- the BOX Squat.

I haven't used the box squat for years so it felt much harder than I expected. Kept the weight light so I could get a strong explosive hip drive up off the box.

I'm going to keep these in the mix for a few weeks more as my knee heals up. It feels much better this week already.

Sumo deadlifts were strong and fast. Plenty of room to grow in these still.

Nowhere near where I want to be.

Just keep showing up daily and get better each session.

Diet has not been 100% on point (not even close) so I need to put more emphasis on getting the right foods in the right amounts in my body each day.

It all adds up in the end to bigger lifts.

AND a bigger me.

Thanks for reading.

I hope your training is going well.

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