Adapt as you GO and Find YOUR Way

I like structure, control..  but I also like freedom and spontaneity..

If all you do is listen to other opinions and views, you will never be able to hear your own voice.

There are a million experts telling you what way is BEST..

Whether that means the BEST training program




productivity tips.. etc..

You can EASILY lose your OWN way..

Now I'm not saying you can't learn and apply the concepts from other people you respect and admire..

BUT, remember you need to get in touch with YOUR OWN instincts..

For example:

I used to think a workout was pointless if it didn't include weights..

And at other times I thought I didn't NEED to train with a barbell..

As soon as I started to go listen to what my drive, my inner self, my TRUE voice was telling me.. I realized I could do whatever I wanted with my training..

Sounds so obvious and simple, but it took me awhile to have that revelation.

I want that for you.

To go within and seek the truth inside you..

Maybe mountain biking speaks to you.. or swimming.. or crossfit.. whatever it is.. listen to it.

This is YOUR life. YOUR body, your goals..

I believe in the power of strength training. Barbells and weights. Sled dragging..

To me that's the foundation.

The rest is play. And mental challenges.. and freedom to experiment.. and also UBER IMPORTANT- the discipline..

Discipline to train your body & mind every single day.

There's great power in that daily self-discipline.

You light your own fire.. then show it to the world.. others can use it to SPARK their OWN fire.

But YOU have to start and keep on carrying that torch.

Find the spark, then get to work.

Adapt as you go and find YOUR OWN way.

When you find your own way you will feel something extraordinary. A level of achievement that no one can give you OR take from you.

Daily excellence and the pursuit of BETTER. To evolve and become the STRONGEST you possible.

For me today this meant a bodyweight circuit of slow pushups, pause squats, jumping jacks- increasing one rep every round..

It's fun to play around with these kinds of workouts.. changing the numbers as you go.. up or down, one more set, add another exercise each circuit.. so many options..

Yes, you would rather stay in bed.. yes, that first few minutes SUCK.. but the reward is the KNOWING that YOU got your ass up out of bed..

Took that first step..

Pushed beyond the discomfort.. did more than expected.. went BEYOND "good enough"..

The post-workout clarity is worth every single rep you don't feel like executing.

Are you going to push yourself TODAY so you can adapt and find YOUR way?

If you need a guide to help you, I have a custom program for you: