Just ONE More Round/ Post-workout Clarity

The plan was to do 8 rounds.

After I finished 8, I said to myself, "just one more"...

Nine down... get ten..


Another day pushing myself to go beyond normal.

Go beyond just "good enough"...

You can always find another level within yourself.

Are you willing to go inside and step into that higher level?

If you want to grow, you have to go BEYOND where you've been up until now.

Someone recently made a remark to me about my abs, why didn't I have a six-pack?

The old me would have been offended.

Now I say "because they don't mean shit to me."

Sure, I want to look strong, muscular and solid but I don't care about being "lean", "cut", "shredded"..

I care about being strong FOR life.

My training is as much mental, as it is physical.

Strength for what I want to do..

Setting PR's.

Pushing myself past my comfort level.

That's what it's all about for me now.

If all you care about is getting six-pack abs and some biceps, then what I have to say isn't for you.

Go do your thing, but my mission is not superficial.

My fire burns to get stronger in mind and body to LIFT others up and live my highest calling..

Writing, creating, training HARD, inspiring, lifting up those who feel my vibe and relate to my words..

More and more I'm going within.. listening close to the wisdom that we ALL have access to..

If only we will listen..  if only we will get quiet.. if only we will stop trying to escape.. if only we will stop running from our fears..

After I completed my bodyweight circuits in the grass, I walked the beach.

In those minutes after a tough workout in the heat, you find clarity..

What truly matters to you reveals itself..

Those are the moments I crave.

I've always felt that.. the post-workout clarity of mind..

When you get yourself into the discipline of making yourself do what you don't want to do, you begin to grow into your potential..

We ALL have so much potential that we rarely step into.

I see it in people every day.

And I see it in myself..

A big part of going deep into your inner self is to work your ass off physically and then have that post-training mental focus..

Write down your thoughts.. where are you going..where are you NOW? What is stopping you?

It's time to GO BEYOND.

You know you are capable of MUCH MUCH MORE..

There is no shortcut.

No secret.

Only YOU can start this journey by taking that first step. TODAY.

Get to the gym.

Run up the hill.

Crawl through the grass.

Do thirty minutes of bodyweight exercises.

Train with the barbell.

Drag the sled and do pushups during your "rest periods"...

You gotta get after it DAILY.

Yes, you need rest and recovery.

But you gotta earn it.

Get to work.. fight for those extra reps..

You plan on doing 8, do 10.

What you get in return is:


a sense of pride


belief in yourself

mental strength

clarity in mind

The TIME is NOW.


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