Daily Mental Strength Challenges

You know that feeling when you FINALLY decide to stop listening to everyone else's advice and go within to hear your soul?


I felt it today while sprinting on the beach.

Follow your bliss, Joseph Campbell said..

I believe in that idea.

What calls you.. what dreams do you have that you never share with anyone..

Where do you want to go?

How BIG can you stretch?

What GREAT things have you thought of doing but never tried because of some excuse.. or some person in your life told you that it's too crazy, it's impossible..?

I want YOU to feel what I felt today.

The EXHILARATION of following your inner voice.

Now, don't think it will be easy just because you decide you will do it..

Realize that it will be hard, and that's part of what makes you grow..

Know that you will walk alone.


But it's part of being on your own trip, walking the line you KNOW that you crave.. if you want much much more out of your life, it's not going to come about by doing what everyone else is doing.

Example today: In between sprints on the beach this morning I would drop and do a set of pushups.

After awhile, I felt like I had done enough.

I wasn't counting or anything. This was all MENTAL training.

Pushing the body and mind.. both wanted to quit..

Breathing heavy, muscles burning.. fatigue creeping in.. laziness..weakness..

And what I did was every time those thoughts surfaced, I sprinted or dropped for more pushups.

Part of this challenge was I didn't want people to see me and think I'm this crazed-fitness guy on the beach sprinting and doing pushups..

So I had to push beyond those weak thoughts.

We ALL have these limitations we have put on ourselves and others have put on us.

It takes constant determined effort to increase mental strength.

Every day do something hard.

Work extra.

Do another rep.

One more..

Hard physical training has the potential to harden the mind.

When you crave more out of your life, this is ESSENTIAL.

I don't like running or pushups.. all the more reason to do them while on family vacation.

You may think I'm crazy.

That's fine.

For those of you who feel my vibe, it's time to step up.

You know DEEP down inside your soul, your raw animal instinct wants to get after it.. push.. create something HUGE..

There's a fire burning inside that craves excellence.. you want to be the BEST at what you do.. not just in the gym but in your everyday life.

Don't let any limited thinking slow you down..

Only YOU can propel yourself to new heights.

Let this be the spark that gets you going..

A spark can come from anywhere.. but at the end of the day, YOU have to carry the torch.. and light up the world as you do.

GO get what's yours.

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