Vacation Workouts/ Sprints in the Sand

Today I woke up without an alarm.

Later than normal and feeling ROUGH.

My body was under attack from food and drink that I don't normally consume.

Know what I wanted to do?

Roll over and cover my head with the pillow.

Why did I let myself go last night?

Yes, it's vacation but I know I will feel like garbage if I eat and drink junk.

That was my early rising MINDSET..

Then I changed it.

I said no more.

The past is done.

NOW is what matters.

I got up out of bed, poured a cup of coffee and started reading the book RELENTLESS by Tim Grover.  (highly recommend it)

Then I got my ass outside into the grass and started a bodyweight workout.

I did NOT feel like it.

Getting started was rough.

Once I started to move, the energy started to build inside me.

I had taken charge.

We are all human and have our weak moments..

BUT we get to DECIDE to change at ANY MOMENT.

This is crucial.

I got up and started a workout.

What the workout consisted of is not even important on this day.

The most important lesson here is that I overcame the weakness.

That builds mental strength.

You do it over and over and over and over again.. then again.. and again..

Every day a new challenge.

Get up for it.

You start to crave it.

Bring it on!

As I did my pushups, squats, jumping jacks, I started to think that I did enough.. just showing up and doing a few rounds was good enough..

Then I said to myself NOPE, good enough is NOT good enough for me.. I want to be better than that..

I strive to be an extraordinary man.. the only way to become more is to push yourself every day..

Physically AND mentally..

If you are feeling down and out about missing a workout, eating junk food, procrastinating, not doing what you KNOW you need to for growth in your life..

Then you NEED to remember you are human.. it's ok.. the past is over.. all you have is NOW.

So now you choose to GO!

Get after it.

Train the body.

Strengthen the mind by making yourself do things you don't feel like doing.. get temporarily uncomfortable.

Or just stay where you are.. stuck.. not inspired.. not motivated.. feeling bad about your screw-ups and failures..

Forget them! Use them as motivation for what you DO NOT want in your life.

You want to live and EXTRAORDINARY life.

Not just average or mediocre or "Good Enough"..

Just writing this is getting me fired up and now I want to push again..

So here I go on my vacation, letting loose a little bit BUT ALSO getting after it.

You can think and overthink and analyze all day long.. but eventually you just have to say THAT'S IT! ENOUGH!

I'm going to push myself harder and harder and I don't care who judges me or says I'm crazy or I'm obsessed or anything..none of what anyone says matters..

When you feel the fire inside.. when you know you are capable of MUCH more.. when you want to lead an extraordinary life that only YOU are MEANT to live.. then you must go.. strive.. drive yourself.. harder and harder..

Ramp up the intensity..

Like I'm about to do on the beach..

Sprints in the sand dunes...  off I go.

I hope you feel the fire and light your own blaze.. let your light get brighter and brighter until it stokes the fire of those around you.

p.s If you are going to sprint- start very very slow. ESPECIALLY if you haven't run in awhile.

Don't go "easy" but don't go pulling a hammy either.