A Barbell Calling

I am fired up and gotta get this off my chest


People do NOT need us to give them what they want.


As trainers/coaches we do NOT have to cater to people's desires in terms of what kind of workouts they want, or think they want, or think they should be doing.




Where do these ideas come from?


The average Jane or Joe only knows what they have seen on tv, videos, youtube, facebook, instagram etc.. whatever they have been exposed to.


Before the internet, there wasn't as much info to confuse people. Sure there were muscle magazines but the average person wasn't reading those.


But now there's so much noise. And I don't want to do it. I can't just do glorified aerobics class and feel like I'm doing what I feel called to do.


Yes, I want to help people.

Yes, a bootcamp will get people moving which is better than sitting on the tv eating chips all night.. yes it's something.


But to me something isn't good enough. I'm not in this for just something better than nothing.


Just a step up from mediocre which to me, that's what a bootcamp or anything other than strength training is.


This doesn't mean other forms of exercise have no value or that they can't be a part of a training program INCLUDING strength training.


Just means it's not what I'm here to do.


It's not my calling. I know it. I feel it. I'm called to the barbell and the sled. That's it.


And I have to honor that or I will get sick. In more ways than one. I have to honor that call within.


When people say I have to give people what they want or expect- nope, I sure don't. I don't have to do anything the way anyone else says or does.

I know the power of the barbell. What it can do for anyone. How it can transform a life more so than just a bootcamp class or circuit training or cardio and core classes.


So it's my duty to show people what strength training is all about.


I have to expose the general public to the barbell and make it accessible. Show the average Jane/Joe 50 year old out of shape body starting to fall apart closer to retirement than a new job, how strength training is the most important activity they can begin.


And it won't take 5 days a week for 2 hours per day. And it's not going to be a lot of running and jumping around or sitting on machines or hours of cardio equipment.


I need to show people that everyone can do it.


Not just athletes. 20 year olds. Fit chicks. Buff dudes. People that are already in shape etc..

ANYONE can start training with barbells and get stronger using the proper exercises, proper form on those exercises and proper programming with these exercises 2-4 days per week for 30-60 minutes each session.


Forget what you have seen. What you have read. What others have told you. Forget about your friends cousins uncles brothers aunt who did this one pilates, yoga, crossfit, bootcamp, tae-bo class and got ripped while drinking these shakes from some company that charges hundreds of dollars for their cheap products.


Just let all that go. Start fresh with me. Like you've never heard a thing about strength, fitness or health.


But especially strength. Forget those images of big juiced up bodybuilders. Or the girl at work who eats tuna and asparagus everyday, works out 2 hours a day, and does bodybuilding competitions, who you don't want to end up looking like. (don't worry you won't)

You don't just lift weight a few times and drink a few protein shakes and look like a professional bodybuilder.


That has nothing to do with you getting stronger with the barbell. Nothing at all.


So forget what you have heard, seen, tried and been told by the media and informercials and social media.


This is different. This is about changing your life beyond the gym. It's not about getting 6-pack abs or trying to get skinny.

Improving your strength will improve all areas of your life. The time to start is NOW. It is NEVER too late to start. No matter your age, gender, location, experience, occupation. The barbell does not discriminate.