Who is the BEST Personal Trainer in Buffalo, NY?

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How can you answer the question: Who is the BEST personal trainer in Buffalo, NY?

I didn't have an answer but I was intrigued by the question..

Every trainer thinks he's the best.

Just like every coach thinks he is the best.

We all believe we can help EVERYONE..

Belief and confidence come from our experience with fitness. How it has shaped our lives.

The power to transform your life.

We trainers know that power.

That potential.

We see the strength in you when you do not.

If you would just listen to our advice and follow our plan, we KNOW you would succeed..

This is true for all the trainers I know.

Here is where things get tricky...

The BEST personal trainer for YOU, may not be the best personal trainer for your friend.

What do I mean?

There are many aspects to a personal trainer; AND the relationship between trainer and client.

Some trainers are more like drill instructors.  Other trainers have a more laid-back compassionate approach.

There are bootcamp instructors.

Trainers that work exclusively with athletes (maybe in just one sport).

Some trainers only work one-on-one in private studios.

Then there are online coaches. Each with a different "specialty"..

How do you know which personal trainer is the BEST for you?

Define your goals.

Seek out information on the trainers in your area.

Who do they work with?

Are they high-energy? Do you need a "motivator"?

Do you want help getting started and want to do it properly?

Maybe you're more advanced and looking to compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting.

Will you do workouts on your own, or do you need the accountability of showing up to train with a coach in person?

Is the personal trainer's gym close to home or work?

What does he/she charge?

Once you know what your goals are and the options available, you can choose who will be the BEST personal trainer for your individual needs.

Just remember what is best for someone else may NOT be the best option for you.

You may find that you have no chemistry with the trainer after the first meeting. That's good information.

Move on to the next one!

There are quite a few options these days so don't be afraid to look around and do your research.

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment for your health. It has the potential to completely change your life.

Don't wait too long to get started.

Do your homework and then take action!

You aren't getting any younger. 


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