Strength Essentials Training Log Week 6

Monday- Press 155x5, 135x5,5/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 255 5x1/ Barbell curls

Tuesday- Squat 285x1, 260x4,4, 245x5/ Semi-sumo DL 295 5x1

Weds.- Prowler / Semi-sumo DL 245 5x1

Thurs.- Bench 220x4, 205x5, 195x6/ Press 115x6,6/ Semi-sumo DL 255 5x1

Friday- Squat 245x5, 225x5,5/ Snatch-grip RDL225 5,5, 185x6

Training Notes-

-Moved up 10 lbs. on the Press. Felt solid for one set.

-Squat felt "off" as I am still adjusting my stance and groove. On friday I forgot my squatting shoes and had to wear regular sneakers which was awful. No clue how people squat in those.

-Changed up the prowler a bit and did backwards/forwards dragging without pushing with the handles.

-I added 1 rep to my bench instead of more weight. Felt solid. Finally back to 225.

-Semi-sumo wasn't too difficult at 295. More in the tank for sure. The daily deadlift plan rolls on a few more weeks.

-The snatch-grip RDL's got me nice and sore in my upper back. Great exercise to smoke the traps, mid-back and hamstrings. Could handle much more weight if I used straps. I've never tried straps on pulls but I just may try soon.

Overall another solid week. Feeling it this weekend so I may work in a mini-deload soon.

I find that I don't need a deload every month like some programs advise but if I go 3 months then it's too long. Need to find a happy medium.