Strength Essentials Log Week 5

Another week of training in the books. All my lifts increased this week so I'll take it.

How's your training going? Are you making progress?

If not, what are you doing!?!

There's GREAT satisfaction in making progress.

Pushing your body to the point where you aren't sure if you will get the reps.

The mental AND physical challenge is empowering and rewarding.

Now on to my week of training-----

Monday- Press- 150x5, 135x5,5/ Semi-sumo DL 255 5x1/ BB Curls 2x10 (bar)

---Was scheduled to do 145 but decided to push it more. Felt solid. Semi-sumo is getting more smooth and I can see this being my go-to deadlift in the future.

Tuesday- Squat- 275x1, 255x5,5, 225x5/ Semi-sumo DL 255 5x1

--- Still working on the wide(r) stance squats. Feeling good. I have way more weight in the tank here but want to make sure the groin/hip muscles adapt properly without going too heavy too fast.

Older and wiser? ha

Weds- Semi-sumo DL 255 5x1/ Bike

---daily dose deadlift continues. Some days I think to myself "not these again" but other days I'm excited to pull these sub-maximal deadlifts really quickly off the floor and explode to lockout.

Thurs.- Bench 220x3, 205x4, 195x5, 185x5/ Press 115 3x5/ Semi-sumo DL 245 4x1

It's been said by many stronger people that the bench press improves most with weight gain, and I have found this to be true myself.

I was up to 220 a few months ago and have since dropped to about 213 (not on purpose) and I realize my bench would be going up faster if I was eating more.

Operation EAT MORE is in full effect.

More of what?  Only the good stuff. I feel like garbage if I eat junky foods just to gain weight so I have to be diligent about eating more of the foods that give me strength and energy and not all the negative effects.

Aka- red meat, chicken thighs, eggs and jasmine rice.

Friday- Squat- 245x5, 225x5,5/ Semi-sumo DL 255 5x1

Light squat day feeling good with the wider stance. Finishing the week strong.

Next week Tuesday will be a heavier deadlift.

The plan is increase all lifts by 5 lbs.

Cheers to another strong week!