The Best Way to Beat Stress

The Best Way to Beat Stress Is...

If you are thinking what I imagine you are, good guess.

But what I'm thinking is a hard workout with weights.

Pushing your body beyond where its ever been.

Hitting a new personal record. - A 'PR' for those into fitness lingo.

Another great way to beat stress is to run sprints. Especially hills.

Go run up a hill as hard as you can a few times and see if you remember what you were stressed about.  (make sure you warm up first and don't go 100% the first time out- common sense but sometimes not so common)...

Here's another idea if you go to a gym that has a turf area and a sled. Or you are badass and own one yourself..  do a sled dragging workout for ten rounds. Forward drags, reverse drags. Not as heavy as possible but hard enough that you are working and breathing heavy and starting to feel very uncomfortable.

Do that. Then when you think you are finally done... do supersets of pushups/pullups or pushups/squats. 20 rep sets for as many rounds as possible non-stop for 5 minutes.

Now, what were you stressed about?

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