Building STRONG Habits/ Strength Essentials Training Log

I was about 24 years old.

My workouts were NOT consistent.

Living on my own for the first time with my girlfriend, my focus was scattered.

How did I get consistent with my training?


I chose a schedule and stuck to it.

After my daughter was born, I was a single dad working two-three jobs.

I had even less FREE time.

The schedule became crucial.

If it was Monday and I was scheduled to go to the gym, that's what I did.

Over the course of the months and years, this discipline led to results that I wanted.

There was no magic secret how I stayed motivated.

I knew I needed to get stronger and bigger and the only way to get in my workouts was to stick to the plan.

Simple but NOT easy.

There will ALWAYS be something else to do.

Distractions are everywhere.

More every day.

Don't fall for them.

Choose your schedule.

Stick to it like it's NOT AN OPTION!

Your strength is THAT important.

Training Log for this week

Monday- Press 180x2 (PR), 165x3,155x5,150x5/ Close-grip Bench 215x5,5,5

Tuesday- Squat 255x1, Sumo Deadlift- 255,275,295x1

Weds.- Bodweight/sled dragging

Thursday- Bench Press- 245x3 (PR), 225x4, 220x4,4,215x4, Press 135 3x5, 115x10

Friday- Sumo Deadlif- 275,295,315x1, 275x3, 255x4,245x4,4

Sat- bike/bodyweight


My Press keeps moving up so I'm not going to change anything. Same for the bench. Just keep adding a few lbs. each session and some reps here and there. It's working fine right now.

Squats were not feeling good this week so I basically shut them down. Letting the knee heal up more before I get back to squatting more volume.

This is one of those examples of "since I can't do that, I will do MORE of this!" aka more deadlifts.

I'm excited to see where I can take my sumo deadlifts. They are nowhere near my potential.

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