Sumo Deadlifts/ Increasing training volume

When I started writing on the web I never worried about photos.

Then I read a bunch of experts say you HAD to  include a photo on each post to get more views and to enhance the reader experience.

Does a photo really add anything to an article?

Recently I decided, NO. It does not add value to the article and it's  not essential.

This is about STRENGTH ESSENTIALS, after all. Not pretty pictures.

On to the topic of the day...

Sumo Deadlifts & increasing training volume

After using a Semi-Sumo Deadlift stance for the Daily Dose Deadlift program, I started to move my feet out to a regular sumo stance.

It's been my favorite stance since I started using it a few years ago.

Each week I have been able to increase the weight on my top sets AND my back-off work sets.

I pull twice a week. One day light after squatting/ one day heavy after light squats.

The purpose of the light day is to get in some extra volume and practice technique.

Since I'm doing less volume on squats, (working on knee issues) I have been slowly adding in MORE volume on the sumo deadlifts.

How to add more volume?

There are a bunch of ways but I like to keep things simple.

One way to add training volume:

Simply add one more back-off set of 4-6 reps. This works well if you train the deadlift once a week.


Add a light day of pulling. Reduce the weight by 10-20% and do a few sets of 5 reps for some additional volume.

Those are the two ways I've added to my sumo deadlift training volume.

NEXT is to add more back-off sets on my heavy day.

When I do this I will add a few more sets each week for a set number of weeks. (6-8 probably)

Then after building up that volume, reduce it for a week or two and test out some bigger weights for 2-3 rep sets.

This cycling of volume and intensity is a great way to keep training fun and continue to make progress over the long-haul.

Give it a shot, if you want to improve your deadlift, or any other lift.

Just remember to fuel your training, rest up and not every lift can increase at the same time forever.

Check your training. Is one lift moving up but another stuck?

Right now I have three lifts improving and one stuck.

Of course we want them ALL to go up ALL the time, but that's not realistic.

I'll take 2 or 3 and roll with it.

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