Commit and Decide


When I was starting out with fitness, almost two decades ago, my motivation was much different than it is now.

Not surprising right? We change quite a bit in twenty years. Especially going from 20 to 40.

What I want to talk about here is two key moments in those two decades and how they can help you in your personal journey to become strong for life.

They both involve two words: COMMIT & DECIDE.

My first example is when I decided to commit to working out with a training partner.

I was no longer on my own.

Suddenly, I had to think about scheduling my workouts at a specific time instead of going whenever I wanted.

There was also the added benefit of being pushed outside my comfort zone.

When I may have stopped, my partner would say “one more” or “you can handle five more pounds”..

That kind of training environment gives you focus and intensity.

The other example is when I joined an online lifting community. Each day you share your workout details with other members. Everyone comments on your training log and vice versa.

That was one of the most productive periods of training in my life up to that point.

You are held accountable by the community. If you skip a few days, someone will be writing on your page asking where are you?!

When you decide to commit to a forum like that, it gives you the additional benefit of not wanting to let your “friends” down.

The first step in making improvements in your life is to COMMIT.

DECIDE that you will dedicate yourself to this activity/habit/passion.

It’s no longer just a thought or a wish or dream.

Now it is REAL.


Then start taking the first steps.

If you never commit, you can get away with being wishy-washy, and that will never help you achieve big things in your life.

Get strong for life.


Getting some skin in the game is one great way to stick to a program.

That’s why I created my newest plan LEVEL-UP 45 to get you on track with your workouts so you have focus and commitment.

If you’ve been slacking with your training, there is no better time than now.

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