Diet Talk is a waste of Time/ You CAN always do ONE more


Why talking about diet is usually a waste of time

I don't like to write about diet.

Most of the time I don't like talking about it either.

Unless someone has an open mind and TRULY wants to LEARN.

Often people just want to tell you what they believe and see if you agree.

I'm not trying to waste my time or anyone else's with that bs.

You want help or not?

Harsh maybe, but that's the way it has to be.

I've found that you have to be blunt and honest, to hold yourself accountable and let people know that they can choose RESULTS or talking ABOUT it.

With that being said, most folks I work with need:

-more protein, less simple carbs

-more natural fats

-more water, less soda, juice

Those simple adjustments make a HUGE difference, without any other crazy diet talk.

There's always SOMETHING you CAN do

This morning I was excited to get to the gym and do some DIPS.

It used to be one of my favorite exercises because I was very strong at them. I haven't done them in a year or more.

The first few reps were brutal on my elbow.

I had to stop the set after 5 reps.

Two decades of training has taught me when to shift my plans in the gym.

It's not about what you CAN'T do but what you CAN do.

Today I could do pushups with no elbow pain.

I did a simple and powerful combination:


Every set was a different grip for both.

I had no idea how many I would do but I figured about 5-6 rounds would be good.

Since my pullup strength isn't what it once was, I realized I would have to do less reps and more sets.

After 5 I had enough..

But I said to myself, let's just get to 8.

Get to 8, then I said, let's do 10.

After completing 10, I said JUST ONE MORE.

You can always do one more

This concept goes beyond the gym.

When I started the cold shower challenge (on week 3 now) I made it two minutes the first time. Over the next few days I did another 15-30 seconds.

I kept adding to it until I got the five minute total.

Same for any other daily activity.

Like yard work. You cut the grass but you don't feel like doing the edges. Just one more task. Take it one minute at a time.

You can do ONE MORE.

Doing this consistently builds up your mental resilience.

You become a person who pushes yourself beyond the minimum.

Start where you are now. Add a little bit.

The next day, add a little more.

Constantly challenging yourself to become the BEST version of yourself.

What's the point?

The reward you get in PRIDE and FULFILLMENT.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and KNOWING you gave ALL you had.

There's no price-tag on that.

No one can give it to you, and no one can take it away.

That's the strength and beauty of it.

You CAN do just ONE more.

Need help putting this all together into a cohesive program?

I got you covered.

The Strength Essentials Built For Life Program

will help you get:

-stronger physically AND mentally

-give you direction in your training and help you find

-purpose in the gym & life

-guide you toward an eating plan that suits you

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