Everyday Choices to Become the Strongest YOU


Everyday you have choices.

You are presented with challenges.

These come in all sorts of ways.

How do you view them?

Are they a burden to deal with, OR are they opportunities to grow.

Your perspective determines the reality.

For example:

This morning I didn't have any clients from 5 a.m. until 8:30.

I had a decision to make.

Should I sleep in later than normal and take it easy?

Or should I get up early and attack the day, getting in my writing, weight training and bike ride?

Another example:

I get home after my morning clients for a few hours.

I'm tired. Should I nap?

Or do what needs to be done FIRST?

What needs to be done?

Cook a strong lunch.

Clean up the kitchen.

Write this blog.

On and on this goes every day of our lives.

How do we respond to each moment we are presented with two options?

We have to choose between the easy way and the hard way.

These small decisions define us.

In your training, do you do JUST ENOUGH..

Or do you go BEYOND?

Are you striving to get BETTER or are you satisfied with just showing up?

When you want MORE out of your life, you have to get more out of your SELF first.

It starts in the mind.

What is DRIVING you?

Look deep within and become aware of your deepest desires, dreams, intuition and truth.

Are you working on becoming the STRONGEST version of yourself?

It's not about lifting the most amount of weight or getting the biggest pecs and biceps.

We are talking about strength FOR life.

To tackle ANYTHING life throws at you.

You are either building yourself UP or you are letting yourself GO.

If you're like me, the worst thing you can imagine is letting yourself go.

Becoming soft.



A coward.

The way out is through.

Go within.

Find out your WHY.

What drives you to get better?

It's much deeper than what you see on the outside.

When you know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing your best and never giving up, even after you've endured so much that you could have used an excuse to give up..

But you keep fighting.. pushing..striving. Going beyond your limits..

That's a sense of pride and fulfillment that no one can take from you.

ONLY YOU can discover this within yourself.

There's no easy way.

No magic trick or quick fix.

All that Six minute abs and magic potions is BS! And you know it.

So if you are not where you want to be..

It's time to START.

Stop thinking. Stop asking questions.

No more analyzing.

Just DO.

Figure it out as you go.

If you need some help, I'm here for you.

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The key here is WANT.

You gotta want to change.. to become the STRONGEST version of yourself.

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