Train Everyday to Fulfill Your Great Potential


Today's training consisted of Dumbbell Rows for 86 total reps of work, followed by some aerobic training at 135 bpm.

Since I returned from my vacation, I've been doing this new "program"- basically just one exercise per day for my strength training.

On top of that I've started a run/walk program and increased my aerobic training and stretching.

What does this have to do with you?

Since I joined my first gym about two decades ago, my body has some wear and tear on it.

If you're a guy in your 30's, 40's and beyond, I'm sure you can relate.

Through some introspection on my early walks on the beach I realized I was missing some key elements in my training.

Cardio and stretching.

I also really wanted to try out this ONE EXERCISE A DAY PLAN.

Where I'm at right now in my life, I need physical training every day.

We can only do so many hard sessions each week.

I had to come up with a way to satisfy my craving for hard training, while allowing my body to recover and gain cardiovascular fitness.

Reducing the intensity of my strength training sessions has helped a lot.

I do more volume work, without as much total weight on the bar.

One lift a day allows me complete focus on the task at hand. It's also a test of will as you get fatigued and boredom kicks in.

I believe we all need to move every single day. By that, I mean not just walking from the car to the cubicle in the morning. Then from the car to the couch at night.

People need to move much more.

I get it, you are busy. You have a demanding job and family and a social life..

You also watch netflix for hours, scroll on social media for hours, take a long unnecessary lunch..

There are pockets of time in your day that you can use to move more, IF YOU TRULY WANT TO.

How BAD do you WANT it?

We can achieve great things when we are on a mission. When we have a purpose.

Without a strong REASON WHY, we often can't find the persistence to be consistent.

We lose focus.

Our interest wanders.

The key message here is that you CAN do MORE.

You have to WANT it and DECIDE you will make it happen.

It's not about going from two workouts a week to seven overnight.

Add just one more at first.

Walk thirty minutes every day.

Get out of bed fifteen minutes early and stretch.

Go to bed twenty minutes earlier and spend some time with your thoughts, write down what you truly want out of life.

Put in the time and get the reward.

The pride. The fulfillment.

Achievement of your great potential.

What are you waiting for?




-28 days of strength training

-cardio workouts

-strong eating habits

-daily mental challenges

-morning rituals for increased energy and motivation