Dragging Sled- The Best Piece of Equipment You Can Buy


Who Should Drag a Sled? And Why?

Are you weak? Drag a sled. 

Work in a tiny cubicle? Dragging a sled is the answer.

Out of shape? Sled dragging all day.

Fighting with the girlfriend? Yep, tug away at that heavy sled.

Do you have nagging pains in hips or knees or ankles or low back or shoulders? You can still train to be strong and in shape with a basic dragging sled.

Growing up I was lucky to have a cabin in the woods. We swam in the pond. Caught toads and salamanders. Chopped trees. Built huge bonfires. Hiked in the woods, got lost. At night, we looked up at the stars and roasted marshmallows.

My point?

It was in the country that I gained strength by dragging trees and pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks or logs. Real world strength.

This was before I ever heard the word “functional” or “mobility”.

I improved my conditioning and strength simultaneously without fancy machines. No long hours in an overcrowded gym. I didn’t have to listen to the crappy pop music either.

Now the excuses.

You may not live in the country. You may not have a gym with a prowler or a nice rogue sled. You have no backyard. There is no park nearby. Neighbors will call the cops if you drag a sled on the pavement. You don’t know where to start, how much to use and how far to go.

Tough. Find a way. Get creative.

A dragging sled can be made with a tire and rope or the bottom shell of a wheelbarrow and a strap. A nice sled can cost you $100. It’s worth it. I have one I keep in my trunk with some 45 lb. plates. It will last forever.

Benefits of Dragging a Sled

For strength, pile on the plates and pull for a short distance. It looks badass. For conditioning use less weight and go longer. Don’t rest between trips.

The dragging sled is efficient, manly and is great for beat-up meatheads who have suffered low back, hip, knee or ankle injuries. It’s also perfect for those office workers who sit all day and need to fire up the glutes, open up the hips and give the shoulders a low-impact workout.

Sled work is not easy. But it’s much better than waiting to get on a shiny machine in a lame commercial gym, listening to Justin Beiber or whatever garbage spews out of the speakers.

Start dragging today.  Build real world strength.

If you are in Buffalo area and want to train with me and my sled, go here to sign up

You'll be a beast in your backyard in no time!