How to DOUBLE your pullups in 2 months


All it took was a challenge:

Can you do 15 pullups?

I had no idea.

Ten years earlier I hit 20 pullups in one set.

But I was not the same man.

The last time I did a max set of pullups I did 10 reps.

This little challenge motivated me.

I needed to do at least 15 reps straight.

How long would it take to get 20 reps?

Double your Pullups in 2 months

First off, let me say this method works if you can do at least a few pullups.

If you can’t do any pullups, you need a different plan. Here’s a good place to start- pullups for beginners

With that said, here’s what I did to DOUBLE my pullups in 2 months.


What this means is PRACTICE.

To be able to do more pullups you want to perform a lot of reps.

Don’t get this confused with going to failure though.

Grease the groove means you do a lot of reps and a lot of sets but NONE of them are to failure.

You always leave many “reps in the tank”.


Let’s say you can do 8 pullups in a set.

You will one set of 3-5 reps. Repeat this at different times each day.


3 days per week you do multiple sets of 3-5 reps of pullups in your normal workout.

The amount of sets can vary. Anywhere from 5-12 sets depending on how your body responds.

IMPORTANT: Don’t get caught up in the specifics. Just show up and do the work. The results will come.

Vary your grip to avoid overuse injuries

If you use the same grip for all your pullups you may experience some pain in the shoulders, elbows, wrists..

To avoid this problem, change your grip often.

Do chinups, wide grip, narrow grip, neutral-grip, rings, towels, use different bars etc..

Do a new grip each day or change it up every set. Either way works.

Once a week do ONE higher rep set

If your sets are normally 3-5 reps, once a week perform one set of 8-10 reps.

This isn’t mandatory.

I did this about 2-3 times during the two months that I trained to double my pullups.

One benefit of doing this higher rep set is to give you the confidence that you can get more pullups in a set.

Test your max!

You’ve done the work.

Now it’s time to see the result of your dedication to the pullup cause.

I was nervous as I got to the monkey bars that day I finally reached 20 reps again.

What if I failed?


Those thoughts and feelings are normal.

Embrace them and push through them.

That’s where true growth is.

You will be amazed how much stronger you become after this 2 month period “greasing the groove.”

When I did my 20 rep set, there was a moment around 8 or 10 reps where I realized I was nowhere near fatigued.

I was going to exceed the 15 reps I was shooting for.

After I got done with the 20 reps I felt invigorated.

I wasn’t sure I would get 15 reps, let alone 20.

When you overcome those mental blocks, you become strong for life.

Do this as often as possible.

That’s why I incorporate challenges every week into my life.

Especially in my training.


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