How do you overcome the urge to QUIT?

strength essentials 716 rucking gear

strength essentials 716 rucking gear

Last night was my longest ruck so far.

It was also the most weight I've carried on my back.

Right away I could tell the difference on my back. Ten pounds doesn't seem like a big deal but when you are carrying it for distance, it is.

When I was about halfway through the ruck, I started to think I wanted to take the pack off.

Just for a little break.

These thoughts came and went for the rest of the walk.

It got me thinking about how we often QUIT when things get hard.

I've done it. I'm sure you have.

Thinking back to all the times I quit and how awful it feels afterwards.. I used that as motivation to keep pushing.

The opposite- the great feeling that comes when you do NOT quit.. that is what we want more of.

Sometimes we have to change our course in life. That's fine.

You KNOW when you are making an excuse.

It can eat at your soul, if you don't address the issue.

As I continue my journey to become the strongest version of myself, I am faced with my deepest self.. that includes all the times I've quit..

We have to confront our weakness.. our failures.. our insecurities..our FEARS.

Running away from them guarantees we never fulfill our potential.

FACING our issues gives us the opportunity for tremendous GROWTH.

What do you avoid in the gym or in life?

It's time to DO that thing.

Face it.

Spend time with it.

Conquer it.

You learn a lot about yourself when you ruck.

No distractions. Just you and the weight on your back and the road ahead.

One foot in front of the other.

See how far you can go.

Last night I went farther and carried more weight than ever before.. but I'm still not satisfied.

There's a new hill to climb EVERY day.

To be complacent is to accept mediocrity.

We want to achieve the greatest version of ourselves..

That only comes from doing battle with RESISTANCE.



Carrying weight on your back.

Getting knocked down.

Jumping back up.

There's always a NEW challenge awaiting you.

Will you accept it?

Run towards it?

Or will you back away... maybe dip your toe in just a little bit..?

Go for a LONG hike, ruck or brisk walk.

Turn the world off.

Check in with your self.

Are you living a life you are proud of?

Is there something missing?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Great questions often come up when I'm on a long hike.

Only you can find the answers.



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