Start the week strong by getting out of your comfort zone


You walk into the gym on a Monday morning.

What are you going to do?

How about what you normally do.. what you are good at..

It's comfortable.

Sure, it may be "hard" but you are accustomed to it and you know what to expect.

At least you showed up, right?

Not today.

This Monday morning you are going to do what you suck at.

A new challenge is upon you.

If you always Bench on Monday, today you Squat..

Your program calls for 3-4 sets? Do 5-7.

It's not randomness for the sake of avoiding boredom.

The goal here is to challenge your mind, even MORE than your body.

Right now my program is intuitive so I have a general idea what I'm going to do each day but even with that, I decided today it was a good day for a challenge.

Start the week strong.

Get hard. Get tough.

As I've mentioned before, I don't enjoy bodyweight exercises, so that's what I did... non-stop for 10 rounds.

Ladders work great for these bodyweight circuits.

There's a ton of different way to do ladders.

Example: start with 5 pushups, 1 pullups, 5 squats. Add 1 rep every round until you can't increase anymore, then go down the "ladder"- all the way back down to where you began.

After that, do 20-30 minutes on a cardio machine you dislike.

I chose the stairs. No one LIKES the stairs.

Get the heart rate up to where it should be for your age. (take 180 minus your age as a general rule for your heart rate)

Finish with 20 minutes of stretching/yoga/deep breathing. (also NOT fun)

Now you started your week STRONG by overcoming these obstacles in your mind AND body.

By doing things you don't like, that are hard, you get outside your comfort zone and say to Monday- BRING IT ON!

Instead of saying to Monday- hey, I had a rough weekend, go easy on me.

Start the week as the leader of your life.

You CHOOSE how it's going to go.

Yes, life will come in and try to push you off your path. That's normal and happens to all of us.

All that represents is a little poke in your side to see if you can withstand it and prove how bad you WANT IT.

What is "IT"?

The greatness within you.

That potential you have yet to tap into.

How BAD do you want that?

Only YOU can respond and ACT accordingly.

When you start your day with a nice accomplishment in the gym, the work day always seems to be less of a chore.

Then you get out of work and go EVEN FURTHER.. take a bike ride..walk.. hike..

Or RUCK, like I'll be doing tonight after my evening clients.

As you achieve more, you realize you CAN DO even MORE than you realized.

It's like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Building momentum and energy.

You create it from nothing.

With your own mind and will.

The potential is only limited by you.

If you never push to your edge, you'll never know how far you can go.

What are you doing today to challenge yourself?

See what you are made of.

In the gym AND outside the gym.

Don't feel like mowing the lawn?

Fight that urge to sit on the couch and mow the lawn instead.

Too tired to cook a healthy dinner?

Crush that weak thought and start by taking the first step to cook.

It's all ON YOU.

100% accountability will take you far beyond where you are right now.

Remember, you can ALWAYS do MORE.

Don't let those weak thoughts dominate your mind.

You get to decide when you will quit.

And the time for quitting is NOT TODAY.


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