What to do on your days OFF

strength essentials 716 step-ups

strength essentials 716 step-ups

It's Sunday morning.

How do you start the day?

Wake up late and lounge around, then go to the drive-thru and get some super-sized sugar-filled coffee drink with a couple donuts?


Get up early, shake off the cobwebs by going for a walk and drinking a bottle of water?

A simple choice, yet NOT an easy one.

The results speak for themselves.

How many days do you take the easier/more comfortable start to the day?

Maybe Sunday is the only day you take "off"..

The rest of the week you are getting after it.

That's fine.

But for you guys who want to BECOME the strongest version of yourself, a day off is not going to get it done.

Let me be clear about

What a day off IS and what it ISN'T.

A day off doesn't mean you lay on the couch all day eating junk.

You still move.

Walk for 30-90 minutes.

Go for a bike ride. (that's how I started this morning)

Stretch/do easy bodyweight exercises/yoga for 30+ minutes.

Meditate/practice deep breathing sitting in silence.

A day off for me is away from the gym.

I still make time for health and fitness.

It's an EVERY DAY pursuit, when you want to be the strongest version of yourself.

Do something that SUCKS

I hated chores.

Who doesn't?

I didn't mind mowing the lawn but I HATED trimming the edges afterward.

To me it felt like I was done when I cut the grass. Then you have to get another piece of equipment and do MORE work.

On top of that, you have to sweep up the grass trimmings so they didn't look messy on the sidewalk.

Recently I found myself laughing at this when I finish mowing the lawn. That old feeling still creeps up, but now I shrug it off and DO what needs to be DONE anyway.

It feels damn good to overcome that resistance.

It's not just in the gym where you need to step up to the challenge and go beyond your comfort zone.

Bear crawls and Burpees

Even on an "OFF" day, I CRAVE a physical challenge.

I hit the bike this morning and had an idea to do some bear crawls and burpees in the grass.


For this simple reason: it was hard and I didn't want to do it.

It wasn't a full workout but just enough to test myself.

I work these kinds of quick challenges into all my days.

All day, every day. Keep pushing. Get knocked down? Stand UP.

That's my mission.

To BECOME stronger physically as well as mentally. To know I never back down. No task is too big.

I do what needs to be done, no matter how I feel.

Feelings lie.

Overpower them with your discipline and will.

CHOOSE to be better. Do more. BEcome something greater, no matter what that looks like to anyone else.

You don't need anyone's approval or support.

Many people in the history of mankind have done amazing things without a pat on the back or a raving fan base.

Is it easy? Of course not.

But I believe it's worth it.

To live this life in a way that you can feel extreme pride at the end.

That's worth all the work, struggle, discipline, sweat and pain you must endure.

As the Navy Seals say "these men detest mediocrity"...

Be a man who detests mediocrity.

I'm working on it with you.


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