Personal Training Studio Vs. Big Gym

People have often asked me what's the difference between a personal training studio and a big gym.

It's a good question because some of the differences are not obvious.

Another reason I like the question is because if you are going to pay for a service and commit to a fitness program, you should know what you are getting yourself into.

With that said, I put together this guide on the pros and cons of Personal Training Studios vs. Gyms.

--Just because I am an independent personal trainer in a small private studio, doesn't mean I feel this is the best option for EVERYONE! --

With that out of the way. Let's get into my unbiased comparison of personal training studios vs. big gyms.

Personal Training Studio Vs. Gym-Pros & Cons


Pros of Big Gyms

1- Cheaper. Training sessions and classes will be cheaper usually. Big gyms have more trainers, more members, more classes and more space. Usually resulting in lower prices for the members.

2- Lots of equipment. If you like to use a variety of machines/cardio equipment then a big box gym is ideal. Depending on the size of the gym and what time you go, you may or may not have to wait to use some equipment.

3- Club Atmosphere. If you want to meet new people, pick up a new girlfriend etc. then you may enjoy the vibe of a big gym.

Cons of Big Gyms

1- Numbers. Big gyms have thousands of members, all sharing the same space, equipment, locker rooms, classes, parking lots. You may have to deal with the crowds, especially if you use the club at busy times.

2- Lack of privacy. You will always be in the gym with other people, often lumped in with groups you may not care for. You may feel like you are on display if the gym doesn't have a separate personal training area that is semi-private.

3- Lack of focus. With so much going on at a busy gym, you may find it's distracting during your workouts. TV screens, blaring pop music, thousands of members working out around you...there's a lot going on.


Pro's of a Personal Training Studio

1- Privacy. If you don't want to be on display or around other gym members, then a private studio will be ideal for you.

2- No Waiting. Since you are training in a private studio you won't have to wait for equipment or space to open up like at a big gym.

3- Focus. With no else around to distract you, there's total focus on the workout. You can learn proper form faster/easier in this setting with personal attention.

Cons of a Personal Training Studio

1- Cost. You will often pay more to have the benefits I just went over. When you train in groups or at a big gym, the price will be cheaper but you will lose some privacy, focus, attention from a trainer.

2- Not as many options (classes/programs). If you are someone who likes classes and trying out different trainers/groups then a personal training studio may not be the best option. Big gyms have more classes to choose from.

3-Less Equipment. A private studio will have much less equipment than a big gym. Space is usually limited so there won't be rows and rows of shiny machines and cardio equipment.

That's it for my comparison of personal training studios vs. big gyms.

Keep in mind that there are also small gyms that have slightly different pros/cons.

Just as every trainer/coach is unique, not every gym or studio is the same.

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