I Believe in Strength Training and You Should Too

I remember back when I started lifting weights, how awesome it was to add another 5-10 pounds to the bar.

Benching in my Uncle's garage, some Metallica cranked up on the stereo. Pumping iron!

And again years later when I started on an official Progressive Overload Program called Stronglifts 5x5.

Man, those were great times.

No, this is not a "the good old days" post.

But seriously, adding weight to the bar every time you train is a freaking awesome feeling.

Have you tried it? 

Like, really tried it, to the point where you can no longer make progress each time?

Then your program becomes Progressive Overload from week to week.

Still progress to be made.

And in case you haven't found out yet, progress is where it's at man.

So, if you hear of some NEW, FaNCY, CUTTING-EDGE fitness tricks, turn your back to it and get to the nearest squat rack.

Find a barbell and some weights.  Add a little more weight each time you train.

Use progressive overload to get results of strength, muscle mass, increased testosterone and bone density (aka reduced chance of injuries as you age and are prone to breaking bones..)

Strength is often overlooked by anyone joining a new gym. Or starting a new program with a personal trainer.

There's so many gimmicks out there.

And they all work.  For a few weeks. Then when your body has adapted there's nowhere to go. No more progress to be made. Just randomness and variety for the sake of doing something different.

That's fine if all you want is a fun, different workout every time. If that's what it takes to get you off the couch and into the gym, then by all means DO THAT.

But when you want something more... some real man-strength.. and no, not lifting weights too heavy for you that will injure you.. I'm talking progressive overload here..starting where you are now..

Starting with whatever weight you can handle now with proper form..and systematically adding weight each session.

Getting stronger in the process.. and also looking better (losing fat, gaining muscle mass)

Strength training is where it's at.  That's my thing and it's where I feel you will get the most benefit. The most bang for your buck, if you will..

For those who just want to jump around a bunch and get sweaty, that's fine. Don't come to me though. There are plenty of cheap gyms around that will sign you up for that.

There are many different ways to get "FIT" and to work out. Find one that you connect with. If it's training with weights and my message then get in touch.

You know where to find me.

At the squat rack training for strength. For life.