Perspective is a beautiful thing/bodyweight challenge

Dip station- no gym required

Dip station- no gym required

Perspective is a beautiful thing.

This morning at the gym I was presented with a few moments that gave me pause.

First, my general idea was to train my lower body.

Since I’m not using the barbell for a month, this presents a different challenge but I had a good plan going in.

Once I got into the gym I saw that the area I had hoped would be open, was not. It was time to improvise.

Honestly, I was annoyed. I don’t enjoy training legs without a barbell. The squat rack has become my sanctuary. The place I could just go into and stay there for the entire workout.

These past few weeks I have been challenged in different ways, beyond just putting more weight on the bar.

(neither is right or wrong btw.)

Back to the gym and having to shift from a workout I really didn’t want to do to begin with, to another one I had no interest in doing.

Step-ups and loaded carries and single-leg Romanian Deadlifts.. to me that’s the kind of workout that makes me want to just go home.

But I did it anyway.

Guess what?

I am better for it.

Go figure, right.

Doing something difficult that I’m not good at, will give me a sense of accomplishment and allow me to put a big check-mark on the calendar, demonstrating that I showed up and put in the work.

Sometimes you just have to MAN UP.

Overcoming the first obstacle in the day. There are some obviously HUGE obstacles we face and others that are more subtle, like that one.

They ALL count in the big picture so never think that just because it seems insignificant that it doesn’t matter.

I don’t care what anyone says, that decision this morning DOES matter to me. And for all those seemingly “small” decisions you make each day, remember that they are critical for your development in your physical and mental strength.

This is the third week of my ALL BODYWEIGHT TRAINING program for 30 days. Overall, I’m enjoying the challenge, even though there are some days I would rather do something else.

So far I notice some minor changes to how I feel but nothing dramatic. One thing I don’t have is the big mid-afternoon crash that I get when I lift heavy squats and/or deadlifts in the morning.

30 Day bodyweight challenge

Are you looking for something different?

Want to take a break from your normal routine or get out of the gym for a month?

Try a strictly bodyweight routine.

There’s a bunch of good ones available online. I may put one together at the end of this month.

If you are interested, let me know. GO HERE and drop me a line.



If I get enough interest in this program, I will let you know when it’s complete and how much it will cost.

I’m thinking this 30 day program will run for 49.99