Finding your purpose in training and life


I've been at this training game almost two decades.

I'm constantly learning, adapting, evolving.

Trying new programs, old programs, making up my own routines..

As your journey continues you absorb what is useful and discard what is not, as Bruce Lee says.

Right now that means I am moving away from some of the heavier lifting and increasing the cardio/endurance work.

These shifts in training happen every so often. Sometimes every few months, other times once a year.

Your goals change. What motivates you changes. You find a new weakness to attack.

It's natural. The ebb and flow of a strength and fitness journey.

My point here is you have to decide what you want.

THEN you can use what you learn. Put it to good use.

If you aren't sure what you want out of your training then you may jump from one program to the next. Never finding the right one for YOU.

The same can be said for your life also.

I had a long day today and didn't get to write this blog until now (10 p.m.) which is way past my bedtime but I know what I want.

Writing this blog every day is one of my essentials.

When you know WHAT you WANT, you are driven. Life becomes more focused.


Not easier, by any means.

But you have a purpose. And it DRIVES you every damn day.

It's amazing what happens when you have a purpose.

A mission.

It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you know what to do, and you follow through to the BEST of your ability.

Have you checked in with yourself lately?

Do you KNOW your PURPOSE?

In the gym AND life.

That sense of clarity can take you to a HIGHER level.

It's been a wild ride for me.

Not sure when I realized I needed to change the path I was on, but things have shifted again and I'm following my instincts.

Letting my purpose show me the way.

Daily challenges.

Lifting up body and mind.

Helping others to get stronger and fulfill their potential..

Writing. Sharing my story. My struggles and what I've learned along the way.

Training FOR life.

Not just aesthetics.

Have you been following your intuition in your training and/or life?

It can transform your life.

Try it!

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-strength training for physical and mental strength

-cardio/conditioning for heart-health and endurance

-strong nutrition to keep you energized and focused

-daily challenges to build mental toughness

-early to rise plan- to start your day right with focus, determination and inspiration