Trap-Bar Deadlifts/Setting up a Program OR Template


When THINGS don't go according to PLAN

How do you respond?

This goes for the gym AND life.

For example- This morning my plan was to deadlift with the trap-bar. The gym only has ONE trap-bar so if someone else was using it, what would I do?

Many times, in recent years, I would get upset if I couldn't do my workout exactly as planned.

Now, I go into the gym with options.

There's my PERFECT PLAN for the day, which is the ideal training if everything goes JUST RIGHT.

I also have another option- if the trap-bar is being used or there are no open squat racks...I have a go-to workout for the day.

Beyond those two options, I also have a work-around for any body part that is dinged-up.

Following a Program or Template

There are a ton of different programs available. I've tried many of them.

Each program has something to offer. Some are better suited for your goals and current physical capacity than others.

At this point in my journey I am working from more of a template rather than a specific program.

This approach allows me to have SOME structure, along with a bit of flexibility.

I know what I want to accomplish each week, but each day may change.

It's an intuitive style of training that may not work for everyone.

To me it feels liberating.

Sometimes I need the absolute structure of a specific program.

Other times I crave spontaneity in the gym.

What I'm doing now is a combination of both.

The focus is on building STRENGTH FOR LIFE.

My training is a test for me mentally AND physically.

When I set out to do 5 sets, I do one more.

I may add a high-rep drop set without planning it.

This past week I've started a running program.

Crazy, I know!

I haven't run in a long time.


But that's why I'm doing it.

I found a weakness, my aerobic conditioning.

Instead of ignoring it, I'm attacking it.

But not in the way I did when I was in my early 20's..

That would CRUSH me now!

I don't have any interest in messing up my knees, ankles, shins etc..

So I'm taking it VERY SLOW.

That part of my training is 100% structured right now.

Until I build my foundation and achieve a decent level of running proficiency.

The crazy thing is I've reduced caffeine intake to almost zero, added volume to my lifting, added cardio/conditioning and I feel GREAT.

I've increased my work across the board and I've had MORE energy.

I'm not relying on afternoon naps and/or coffee and being productive with my writing, this blog, making videos etc..

My point is that training should BUILD you up, after it BREAKS you down.

There's a ton of different reasons people train, of course.

Bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, athletic training, strongman, crossfit, endurance events, obstacle courses, to look good naked etc..

For me, hard physical training is about the mental side, just as much (if not MORE) than the physical side.

A test of will and resilience.

If you have no purpose in your training, maybe it's time to dig deep and find it.

When you do, it will make a world of difference.

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