The First Movement of the Day


The alarm goes off.

You make your first movement of the day.

It's like you've spent the past week chopping wood and dragging logs uphill for twelve hours a day.


As you roll over to turn the alarm off and get up, you start to have those thoughts of staying in bed..

Thoughts about deserving a break.. needing more rest.. why do I need to push it AGAIN today?

It's in that moment, you choose.


Or to lay back DOWN.

Even though it seems like just a small moment that doesn't matter.. it does.

That small MOMENT is a metaphor.

How you choose to live your life.

Are you operating at 100% capacity?

How about 75%?

Maybe 50?

Theres's no shame in admitting where you are. Being honest with yourself.

Just the opposite.

Looking yourself in the mirror and taking responsibility is honorable.

Getting up without hitting the snooze button is just one example.

There are countless moments in each day that we get to choose if we are going to be hard and do the tough shit.

Or we are going to be soft and take the easy way out..

The path less traveled. OR the path of least resistance.

You KNOW which path you need to walk to make improvements.

Deep down you know you can only grow by overcoming obstacles, not backing down.

Let your training guide you.

In the gym, you don't back down.

You step forward and push.. always striving to improve.

Even if it's just 1%.

Add enough of those days UP and you will see BIG changes.

Physically AND mentally.

I've been harping on the mental side a lot lately.

The physical element is important, not to be ignored.

I just feel there isn't enough attention given to the mental side and it's TREMENDOUS potential to radically transform our lives in every single way possible.

You don't need a perfect program.

Just get started.

Adjust as you go.

If you need help getting started I am here for you.

You need a sense of direction and accountability.

You bring the effort and consistency.

Ready to take your physical and mental strength to another level?


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