2 Reasons Why You Need to Include Finishers to Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Awesome

Do You Want to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Awesome, and Own the Day?

Why You Need to Include Finishers in Your Workouts


I finished my bench press and assistance lifts for the day.


Next up was some conditioning work with jump rope and pushups. I did this twice per week for 5-10 minutes after my strength training session was complete.


Back then I didn't know I was doing a 'finisher'. I was just doing some conditioning to burn off fat.


By the time I was done, my t-shirt was drenched and I could barely get it off my back.


I'm not sure who came up with the name 'finishers' but it's catchy and easy to remember.


The main strength portion of your workout is still the most important. The finisher is a bonus.


There's no need to do them every day. Start with one day per week. You can build up to three per week but no more than that.


What exactly is a 'finisher'? Simply, it's a quick burst of activity at the end of your workout that consists of a few exercises done with high tempo and intensity.



First off, you will only need 5-10 minutes for a finisher. Even 3 minutes can be a challenge. 10 is the absolute maximum.


Why do finishers in the first place?


2 Reasons to Include Finishers in your Workouts


1- Burn Fat Quickly.

Instead of spending hours on the dreadmill or sitting on a bike watching the news, do some finishers.

You can get a better effect from 5 minutes of metabolic circuits than a half hour or jogging.


2- Mental and physical challenge.


To know you put in an extraordinary effort in the gym.


If you are feeling a bit crazy and need to channel that energy into something that is rewarding and makes you feel awesome, include finishers in your program. 


Like I said earlier, they shouldn't be part of every workout.


But sometimes you just need to attack the workout with ferocious passion and intensity.


Here are 5 finishers that will challenge your body and mind. These are just some examples.  Mix it up and get creative. 


1- Sled Dragging/Prowler –


If you have a sled available and you aren't using it already then it's time to dust that bad boy off.


Pushing or pulling with a light-moderate weight here. There's a time and a place for grinding away slowly with heavy weights but this is not it.


We want a weight you can move quickly.  At least for the first two trips.  By the third and fourth, you should be slowing down considerably and fighting with all you have inside.


Have your partner set the clock for 5 minutes. If you train alone just watch the clock. 


Do your 4 trips. Rest as long as needed until you aren't gasping for air. Go again.


You don't need many of these. The goal is to move that sled as fast as possible.


2- Bodyweight Compound Destroyer


Dips/Pullups – See how many total reps you can get in 6 supersets. Beat that number the next time. Take as little rest as necessary between supersets.



3- Loaded Carry Medley


Grab a kettlebell and carry it overhead with one hand. (waiter's walk) When you feel like your arm won't stay straight anymore, switch arms and repeat.


Then grab a heavier dumbbell or kettlebell and walk with it by your side (suitcase carry) Mix it up and hold one overhead while holding another bell in your opposite hand by your side. 

Grab two dumbbells and walk (farmer's walk) and then grab two lighter kettlebells and hold them overhead and walk.

Enjoy that challenge in your midsection and all up and down the chain.


4- Combination Finishers


  • Sled/Kettlebell


Reverse sled drag then drag it forward. Without rest grab a Kettlebell and do presses. (6-10 reps) Repeat 5 more times.



DB goblet squats, plank pushups for time.  3 minutes as many rounds as possible.


Jump rope/pushup finisher...

Like this-

Jump rope- both feet for 50 passes, then alternate feet for 50.

Followed by one foot for 25. Then the other for 25.

Immediately drop down and do pushups, leaving a few reps in the tank. (If you will fail at 15 reps, do 12.)

Rest a few seconds and go again. Check the clock.

5 minutes and you're done.

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