Rewire your mindset to gain strength for life


We can be our OWN WORST ENEMY.

Our mind has power to lift us UP or bring us DOWN.

The good thing is we get to pick which one.

For example-

Today I started the day with my normal routine and then I went for a run. (week 3 of my new run/walk program)

It was a nice cool morning, the sun just coming up. All went fine.

Next I trained clients at the studio and then got to the gym for some lifting.

My mind started playing tricks on me.

I already ran so maybe I should take the day off from lifting?

I won't be able to train as hard. I'll have to reduce the weight..

Maybe I should do a different exercise instead of the trap-bar deadlifts because I ran...

As quick as these thoughts come, I CHOOSE to let them GO.

You have these moments every day.

When your mind tries to convince you to take it easy.

Stay comfortable. Stay safe and secure.

But when you are chasing GREATNESS in your life (however you define it) you MUST overcome those weak thoughts.

It's a constant battle.

I would be lying if I said it's easy.

When you are DRIVEN, you fight those excuses.

You work hard every day to improve.

Even if it's only by 1%.

It's one step closer to YOUR GREATNESS.

I see the physical AND mental as ONE.

Some people just work out to get bigger muscles or lose belly fat.

That's fine for them.

I see training as building UP body AND mind to achieve MUCH MORE in your life.

Whatever you want to do, hard physical training CAN give you that edge.

It's not always about going super hard and heavy and intense either.

Being consistent with daily walks and meditation or stretching is also a part of building UP your body AND mind.

In my mind, it's all included in the spectrum of "training" to improve my physical well-being.

By getting stronger physically and mentally. Having a healthy heart, lungs, joints, back etc..

Some of the less "sexy" aspects of training are just as hard, if not HARDER than doing a few sets of squats.

Eating is another area that is often the most difficult for people. Strong eating habits go a LONG way to improve your health and life.

I'm not training for a powerlifting competition or a marathon. My purpose in my training is STRENGTH FOR LIFE.

If that's what you are training for, I have a new program you might like.

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You get everything you need to go from where you are now to the STRONGEST version of yourself in mind, body and spirit.