Set the bar higher


Set the bar higher

How much of your view of the world and your ability to achieve great things comes from other people in your life?

We have all had experiences where we were discouraged. Maybe someone told us we weren’t good enough. Or we should get our heads out of the clouds.

Big dreams and big ideas scare people.

Maybe they’ve scared you..

Here’s the thing I want to emphasize in this post- you do NOT have to live your life according to anyone else’s limitations.

No matter what anyone said or did to you at any point in your life, you are the only one who gets the final word.

You decide how high you will set the bar.

ONLY YOU can determine how far you will go.

Set HUGE goals. Stretch yourself WAY beyond what you ever thought possible.

Even if you don’t get to those crazy scary I can’t believe I said that out loud goals, you will be much better off than if you didn’t try at all.

Change your frame of reference

When you think you are having a bad day, it feels honestly like a bad day to you. There’s no denying that.

But if you can shift your frame of reference, you can alter your mindset instantly.

For example- you are stuck in rush-hour traffic.. you are going to be late to an important appointment.. you are mad and stressing out about it..

But what if you changed your thought pattern to “it’s going to be ok. It’s just traffic. It could be much worse..I could be walking barefoot in a third-world country walking for miles and miles searching for fresh water because there is none at home…”

That’s the frame of reference.

What helps to get a new perspective is to put yourself through tough challenges.

These can develop mental toughness that you can use in your life when faced with bad days or difficult situations.

The old thought “I’ve been through worse” is powerful when you can realistically use it.

Struggles in the gym

Overcoming obstacles is a key component of training.

For me, training has become much more mental than physical, although they work hand-in-hand.

Some guys just want the muscles and to lose the beer belly, which is fine, but there’s more to be gained from training that goes well beyond how you look in the mirror.

The struggles prepare you for life.

Obstacles can BECOME the path, instead of being in the way of your path.

For example- I’ve been fighting off knee pain. It has slowed down my efforts to ramp up my running program and I’ve had to constantly adapt and adjust as I go along.

It’s not ideal and honestly, it has pissed me off at times.

But here’s where I have to shift my mindset to see the opportunity in this challenge.

Now I am forced to work around this pain. Other areas in my training are now getting more attention.

Often, when the thing we want to do MOST is taken away, it can slow us down and even STOP many people.

Not us.

We find a way.

Never quit. Even if it means doing other kinds of training that I don’t wanna do. Changing the focus. Re-aligning the goals and adapting to the situation.

The obstacle becomes the way to grow.

As much as we may fight it, this truth is universal. The sooner we accept it, the stronger we can become. Beyond just muscles and weights.


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