Sled Dragging and Bodyweight Movements on Active Recovery Days

Here's my recipe for a fantastic ( I won't say perfect but that doesn't exist)

workout plan for the week-

Do the barbell lifts 3-4 days per week.

Every other day walk at least thirty minutes.

3 days drag the sled and do some body-weight exercises in a circuit.

How about an example-

Today is an active recovery day for me and I did

1- Sled dragging (walking backwards while pulling the sled AND walking forward while pulling the sled behind me)

2- Body-weight circuits- pushups, squats, birds, reverse pushups (on ground)

How many reps, how long etc.??

I looked at the clock when I started. I counted off TEN minutes for the sled dragging


Ten minutes for the body-weight circuits.

Minimal rest periods. Maybe 30 seconds at the most.

That's it.

Why not just take a day off and rest ?

I've done that, it's not a big deal really.

But here's why I like to be in the gym 6 days out of 7-  I crave the daily habit. Knowing that I pushed myself to get it done even if I didn't want to.

I commit to it and stick to it. That feels good.

Also, I like to get some movement in every day.

Walking daily is always a good idea but that's not enough for  me.

I NEVER want to just do the bare minimum.

That's not who I want to be.

IS that who you want to be?

If you're reading this blog, I doubt it.

So do more.

There's no rules saying you can't do workouts on your "rest days"... unless you do TOO much and it interferes with your barbell training, if that's your focus.

My focus is getting stronger on the barbell lifts and growing BIGGER.

When I engage in active recovery workouts or GPP as some people call them, I am not trying to break myself down with a CRUSHING workout.

Not every day has to be a super hard workout.

So try it out if you are looking for a great way to structure your training.

Lift heavy 3-4 days a week.

Walk daily.

Get in some quick active recovery workouts with a sled and/or bodyweight exercises.

If you need help putting it all together, I do that in my custom online training programs which you can find HERE ARE MY ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS