The Beginning of Strength Essentials



Want to know what gets me excited?


Barbell training.


No surprise right?


Squats, deadlifts, presses.


The basics.


That's what got me thinking about coaching years ago.


Not machines. Not suspension training. Not bodyweight training. Not cardio. Not bootcamps or pilates or yoga or spinning or running.


Nothing against any of those forms of exercise. If you enjoy them and they get you off the couch, then by all means continue to do so.


But it's just not for me.


I don't get excited about them and they don't inspire me to want to help others with them.


There have been times as a trainer that I have gotten away from the tried and true basics.


No more. There's no time for any fluff.


I gotta do with what fires me up and speaks to me. What resonates with my deep inner being.


And what resonates with me is the basics. Progressive overload. Getting stronger. With a simple tool called the barbell.


Why do I feel the need to share this?


I need to share this because you don't need the newest workout dvd. You don't NEED the latest fitness gadget. You don't NEED a fancy workout with 30 different exercises. You don't NEED the latest and greatest shiny exercise equipment.


If you want to use that stuff, fine. It's your choice. But I feel it's my duty to let you know it is NOT necessary and won't give you better results.


At the end of the day, it's your choice. If going to a booty and abs bootcamp to use tiny dumbbells and jump around a lot to get sweaty and out of breath and feel the burn keeps you motivated and consistent, then go for it!


The other reason why I feel compelled to write about my passion for barbell training is that I want to make it known I will only work with people who say “HELL YES!”.


Let me explain.


This doesn't mean you have to absolutely love training with weights and you are hardcore dedicated.


It means you say Hell Yes to working with me. You believe in me, my ability to help you. You dig my vibe. What I'm saying resonates with you. You think I can ehance your life with my coaching and you know I am the only one for you.


You want to get stronger and know that getting stronger will be the best decision you make this year.


Then we start working together.


If you aren't sure, that's fine. There are plenty of trainers out there that will take your money and not feel bad about it.


This approach will turn some people off.


Good. We aren't meant to work together.


I'm not here to please everyone, or to appeal to every single person with a pulse and a desire to lose 30 pounds.


You can have fears about training, that's normal.


We can work through that. You will learn how to perform the most important exercises with a weight that is perfect for you to start with.


Regardless of how you feel towards exercise, I want you to feel a huge YES about me and I want to feel the same way towards you.


Then we can move forward to create something powerful.


If what I'm saying strikes a chord within you, reach out to connect with me here or on social media.

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