Strength Essentials 716 Training Log

A day late here but I didn't want to forget.

This log is one way to stay accountable.

I was moving all weekend so I didn't get on my laptop. No excuse, I'm here now and ready to share what I did in my training.

If you're new here, this is my training log- 4 days on an upper/lower split. Most (if not all) training is done with the barbell.

I like it that way.

Monday- Press- 175x2 (PR), 165x4,160x4,155x5/ CLOSE-GRip Bench Press 215 4,4,4

Tuesday- Squat 295x1, 265x3,3,3/ Box Squat 185x5,5/ Sumo Deadlift 260x3,3,3

Weds- bike

Thursday- Bench Press- 250x1, 225x5, 215x5,205x5/ Press 145x5,5,5

Friday- Squat- 225x3,3,3/Sumo Deadlift 305x1, 285x3,3,275x3,255x3

Sat- sled dragging

As you may have noticed, I work up to a top set of 1-3 reps on the main lift. This is a great way to test out some heavier weights but not going to absolute failure.

Hit a rep PR on the PRess which was awesome. Bench is getting closer to PR territory now. The most I ever benched for 1 rep was 275. My goal is a 315 lb. bench.

Squats have taken a back seat as my knee heals up. More box squat reps to take the knees out of the movement.

Sumo Deadlift has been feeling powerful, with much room to grow. I want a 500 lb. deadlift.

My weight has fluctuated between 208-212 the past week. Now that I am getting settled into a new house and new routine, I am going to get back on a good eating schedule for my goals. (get bigger- first to 230lbs.)

This week I plan on increasing the weights by 5 lbs. on all lifts. More volume, more gains.

Thanks for reading.

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