Strength Training Goals/Active Recovery Workout


Strength and fitness coaches talk often about GOALS.

I'm sure you've heard plenty about goals in your life, especially around New Years.

We are now in May. This is no New Year's Resolution.

This is a STRONG for LIFE resolution.

Let's get right to the point here.

If you haven't set any goals for your training, it's time to start.

BIG goals.

Not a few lbs.

Strength training goals that when you think about it, you get a little nervous because it seems almost too big.

That's where you want to be.

Go big.

Life is too short to hold back.

This does not mean get reckless.

Lift with proper form, add weight when appropriate and take care of your body.

But it's time you set some BIG goals for yourself.

You can write down smaller ones too. A more "realistic" goal. That's fine. It's a good feeling to check off a goal regardless of the size.

The point of the big goal is to get you focused.

To make your training full of purpose.

It's to light a fire inside you.

To push you out of your comfort zone.

That's where the biggest growth comes from.

And you  know it.

I just set some big goals myself. I have already started to feel the urgency. More focus and intensity.

The importance of nutrition is amplified, as well as proper rest and recovery.

Speaking of recovery, here's my active recovery workout from today-

Great for a "rest day" to get in and out of the gym quickly and to get some blood flowing, joints moving through a full range of motion and get the heart rate up. Try it out for yourself -

1a DB Chest Supported Rows 8-12 reps

1b Pushups 10-15 reps

1c Bodyweight squats  8-12 reps

1d Kettlebell Farmer Walks x 2 laps

15 minutes total time, resting as little as necessary.