Strength Essentials Training Log Heavy/Light

Now that I've completed the Daily Dose Deadlift program, this week was back to a heavy/light 4 day split.

Had a good solid week of training. Made some progress on my Press, Bench and Squat. Deadlift is back to one day a week.

Still working on getting in more calories, a challenge lately.

Had a weird tweak in my hip the day after heavy squats which I worked through with some bodyweight exercises the following day.

After watching a video of my squats I realized that squatting in wrestling shoes is not a good idea for me.

My heels move, which I didn't realize until I watched the video. Back to squatting in my Nike training sneakers which have a bit of a heel.

Monday- Press 160x1, 145 x5,5,5/ Close-grip Bench 190 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 275x3, 260x3,3,3,3

Wednesday- bike, bodyweight exercises

Thursday- Bench 225x4, 215x4,4,4/ Press 125 3x6

Friday- Squat 245 3x5/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 275 4,4,4


Press felt solid with the volume work. Surprised the first single felt a bit heavier than expected. Close grip bench felt powerful. One of my favorite lifts right now.

Squats felt off on the heavy day with the wrestling sneakers. Being tall with flat feet and long femurs,I should have known that wrestling shoes wouldn't be the best idea for me. Live and learn.

Squatting in the Nike training shoe felt way better on Friday even though a lighter weight.

Semi-sumo deadlifts felt good. More volume than I'm used to in one session but I held back a bit and only hit 12 reps instead of 15.


Need to improve my eating- by eating more. Simple yet not easy to do. Unless I wanted to just eat junk which I don't want to do as I am trying to reduce my allergy/sinus issues.

Next week will be another week of adding weight to the bar and pushing towards some new goals.

Thanks for reading. I hope your training is going strong.

If you have any comments or questions, ask below.